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International Pet Travel

International pet travel has become increasingly common. However, import/export requirements vary greatly from country to country and are subject to change, especially since the onset of the pandemic. They each require very specific vaccinations, testing and documentation. This process can take time, as there may be required waiting periods between steps. If your pet arrives in a country without meeting entry requirements, they can be confiscated from you, placed in quarantine and/or be sent back to the United States, at your expense. Because of this, we ask that you start this process several months in advance of your travel plans. At this time, we are unable to accommodate last-minute travelers.

Before making the decision to travel with your pet, please take the time to visit the USDA’s APHIS website:

​There, you can find out what is required for the country you are visiting and map out what needs to be done, as well as the timeline in which it needs to be done. Be advised that rabies titers can take up to 8 weeks to come back.

Once you have read the requirements, please fill out and submit the questionnaire below. You will hear back from us within 5 days of us receiving it. Should you meet the criteria for travel, a staff member will be assigned to work with you during the period leading up to your trip. They will assist you in setting up any necessary appointments and will look into your destination country’s requirements. However, you will still be responsible for participating in the research and planning of this health certificate. Should you fail to follow the guidelines required, Mission Pet reserves the right to withdraw assistance and cancel your appointment.

The cost of the final exam and paperwork is $496 plus the FedEx shipping fee. This does not include any additional visits, lab work, vaccinations, microchipping, or medications that may be needed before your departure. We require a $100 non-refundable deposit, which will applied to your final exam.

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