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About Us

Welcome to Mission Pet Hospital!

Throughout my career, my priority has been to practice medicine in a way that pushes the boundaries of veterinary knowledge.


For a general practitioner, the standard approach is to refer deeper problems to specialists. Instead, I choose to specialize in a variety of areas, uniquely equipping Mission Pet to treat an expanded number of patients. I do this because I believe that your pet's health improves when we coordinate all treatment under one roof.

Many pets face issues which span a range of medical specialties. Our coordinated approach means that we not only understand how all of the issues within one patient interact, but we are equipped to treat them all in house. It has taken many years to build this level of excellence, and I am extremely proud of our unique ability to coordinate medicine here at Mission Pet.

We also owe much of our success to the superior quality of our Registered Veterinary Technician support staff. An astounding 13 RVTs call Mission Pet home -- an extraordinarily high number for an 8 doctor practice. Attaining the RVT certification signifies a high level of commitment to formal education and training, which translates to the unparalleled diagnostic and therapeutic care Mission Pet proudly provides for our community.


As pioneers of our integrated approach, we're extremely proud of the standards to which we hold ourselves, because we know that means better health for your pets.

We are honored that you have chosen us to take care of your furry family members. 


Dr. Curtis Press, DVM

Owner, Mission Pet Hospital

Curtis Press, DVM


At MPH, we pride ourselves on camaraderie and believe in the power of positivity. Important leadership qualities shine most in tough moments.


Recently, we cared for Leo, a sweet dog with complex health issues. Our entire doctor staff collaborated to understand his illness. Leo's condition did not improve, and we made the difficult decision to let him go.


Despite the emotional challenge, we celebrated Leo and the collaboration in his care. We supported his owners throughout the process.


At MPH, we believe in responding to difficult situations with grace, selflessness, and teamwork, in order to improve outcomes for our patients.

Involved, Coordinated Medicine

"Once upon a time, I had a few problems. I needed antibiotics every time I ate, because my dental disease was so bad that it hurt to chew.

I also had heart problems, so none of the specialists I saw wanted to risk addressing the dental issues, for fear of adverse effects on my heart. 

Then, my parents took me to Mission Pet Hospital.

You might be wondering how a dog is typing this. That's not super important.

What matters is that I now lead a normal life. My parents couldn't believe it, at first. The difference? At MPH, the veterinarians saw how each issue I faced was linked to my other problems. They also diagnosed several additional conditions that had affected me for years. These problems had been previously undetected, because we were seeing doctors who were limited to one specialty, rather than a veterinarian with the knowledge and capability to examine the whole picture of my health and how everything fit together."

-- Sophie, age 12

We'll admit it: Sophie didn't really write the above testimonial. But we're pretty sure that's how she'd describe the situation -- and we're proud to say that she's now happily eating her food with no antibiotics! We successfully treated her other issues, too.

And we've faced this situation all the time throughout the past 30 years of serving our community: we're able to solve problems that owners didn't think could be solved. That's because our expertise and our capabilities have given us the power to practice involved, coordinated medicine.

On-site, Mission Pet Hospital performs ultrasounds, CTs, surgeries, chemotherapy, dental, and an array of complex practices that we're uniquely equipped to handle. We insist on being able to do all of this, so that we can interpret abnormalities, or the differences in surgical techniques. Our approaches are richly informed by the knowledge of our 8 veterinarians. At MPH, numerous experts constantly coordinate in the same state-of-the-art space. This facilitates the best possible care, both diagnostically and therapeutically.


We also regularly consult with specialists in different cities, states, and countries. Our boots-on-the-ground approach combines beautifully with the information we gather from specialists across disciplines. The ability to coordinate and interpret opinions is another part of our value as general practitioners. And since we're more involved, we're better able to coordinate.

For example, a dog with heart disease, dental disease, and chronic intermittent diarrhea would benefit from the opinions

of a cardiologist, a dental specialist, an internal medicine specialist, and an anesthesiologist. At MPH, we gather opinions from these sources, as we keep the “whole picture” in mind. We apply that perspective to perform the highest quality of anesthesia and dental work. This coordination applies to emergency and overnight care as well, where we benefit even more from the perspective of you and your pet.

We give you the best of both worlds: we diagnose and treat specific problems, but we're not limited to a single discipline. We synthesize the expertise of both our doctors and outside specialists into an actionable solution for your pet.

Then -- as many pets like Sophie can attest -- we make the solution reality.

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