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San Francisco Aid for Animals (SFAfA) was founded in 2011 by four San Francisco

veterinarians who were alarmed by the number of pets being euthanized or surrendered due to their owner’s inability to pay for veterinary care. In 2012, after raising money through donations, they began providing grants to San Francisco area veterinarians to help pet guardians pay for their pet’s urgent, treatable medical conditions.

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To contribute cash, simply locate the donation box prominently showcased in Mission Pet Hospital's lobby.

Pet Insurance


We have listed pet insurance companies below. We truly wish that we could tell you which one is best, but we can’t. Please do your own due diligence. If you feel that you have been treated very well, or very poorly, please let us know. is a good website for gathering information about different pet insurance companies. Some clients have provided pet insurance testimonials and they can be found here:


Top Resources for Pet Health Information

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