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Philomena Is Not Amused

Philomena is not amused.

The 16-year-old cat never hesitates to display her feelings about -- well-- anything, according to her owner, Daniele Paris.

"My girls, and especially my youngest daughter, who is 6, absolutely adore her," says Paris.

Philly, as the Paris family affectionately calls the gray, shorthaired feline, can no longer flee her three youngest owners as efficiently as she could in her prime.

She is often the subject of what Paris says might be overzealous and uninvited cuddling.

"I'm not sure the adoration is mutual," Paris explains.

Knowing Philly's a what-you-see-is-what-you-get nature, Paris could tell that there had been a shift in her pet's personality in 2015. Then, it became even clearer.

"She started vomiting," Paris says. "We were really worried."

When Dr. Curtis Press gave her the results of the extensive testing he had conducted, the news wasn't good.

"She had cancer in her intestines, and Dr. Press said there wasn't much we could do."

Paris was devastated. Then, Dr. Press surprised her.

"He was sort of thinking out loud," says Paris, "and said, 'I've been practicing medicine long enough to know that you just don't know, sometimes.' He consulted with an oncologist and came up with a treatment plan."

Philly might have disliked the treatment even more than excessive cuddling.

"She wasn't doing well," Paris says.

They got to their last round of chemo with heavy hearts.

"It was a magic bullet," Paris says. "She has been cancer-free ever since."

"It's kind of miraculous. I just can't say enough good things about Dr. Press. He's wonderful, and was always so available to us throughout the process."

Now, Paris is sure that her youngest daughter will always have memories of the small, furry, reluctant recipient of her love.

"Dr. Press saved her life," she says. "That was such a gift."

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