We are a general practice that also excels in many of the more common advanced areas of veterinary medicine,

all with the training of specialists.  This includes surgery, ranging from advanced emergency surgery to orthopedic surgery, TPLO’s for example.  This also includes advanced imaging diagnostics, especially ultrasound.  This also includes advanced medical management with internal medicine, chemotherapy and dental surgery.  A general practice that is able to incorporate this level of specialization offers a unique integrated and coordinated approach.

Mission Pet provides the best veterinary care for your pets.


We have been working with oncology specialists for more than fifteen years. As a general practice, we have the benefit of being able to get influence from many specialists, from the Bay Area as well as national and international veterinarians. All of our chemotherapy is under the guidance of Drs Tony Moore and Angela Frimberger at Veterinary Oncology Consults. They have been leaders in the oncology community for more than twenty years.

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