We are a general practice that also excels in many of the more common advanced areas of veterinary medicine,

all with the training of specialists.  This includes surgery, ranging from advanced emergency surgery to orthopedic surgery, TPLO’s for example.  This also includes advanced imaging diagnostics, especially ultrasound.  This also includes advanced medical management with internal medicine, chemotherapy and dental surgery.  A general practice that is able to incorporate this level of specialization offers a unique integrated and coordinated approach.

Mission Pet provides the best veterinary care for your pets.

Critical and Emergency Care

During office hours, our hospital is well equipped to handle emergency care at a very high level.  We are confident and experienced in providing urgent care diagnostics, treatments, and surgery.  Our hospitalized patients have overnight care from some our most experienced technicians.  With consistency in mind, the treatments are dictated and overseen by our veterinary staff.


After hours, seven days a week, from 7PM to midnight, a doctor from Mission Pet will be taking emergency phone consultations. To leave a message for the doctor, call 415) 552-1971. If you perceive your pet to need urgent care that can not wait for the doctor to return your call, please take your pet to an emergency hospital.

Also, Mission Pet Hospital is available to see emergencies at 7AM, Monday through Friday, on a walk in basis. Since this is not a scheduled appointment, there may be a wait depending on the urgency of the problem and other patients that might be sick as well. Ultimately, until 7AM, you will need to judge the urgency of the problem and take your pet to an emergency facility if needed.

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