We are a general practice that also excels in many of the more common advanced areas of veterinary medicine,

all with the training of specialists.  This includes surgery, ranging from advanced emergency surgery to orthopedic surgery, TPLO’s for example.  This also includes advanced imaging diagnostics, especially ultrasound.  This also includes advanced medical management with internal medicine, chemotherapy and dental surgery.  A general practice that is able to incorporate this level of specialization offers a unique integrated and coordinated approach.

Mission Pet provides the best veterinary care for your pets.

Advanced Medicine and Surgery

Orthopedic surgery represents advanced surgery most notably. At MPH, we have been performing advanced orthopedic surgery for many years. We work and train with specialists and we have acquired the skill, knowledge and experience to excel with many orthopedic surgeries. We have the ability to collaborate with our staff as well as outside orthopedic specialists. The TPLO surgery represents this concept most commonly. The bottom line is that we have been performing orthopedic surgery for many years and we are very experienced with rehabilitation. Orthopedic surgery at MPH includes all rehabilitation appointments at no extra charge.

Soft tissue and abdominal surgery are less glamorous, but equally significant. Collaboration is really key. Camaraderie amongst the staff makes a big difference, but even more, being a general practice allows us to consult with multiple specialists from multiple areas. This diversity is different from a typical specialty practice because we are more connected to multiple specialists with multiple opinions. We can then collaborate the multiple opinions into a more balanced and comprehensive plan.

Advanced medicine works the same way. We have been trained and influenced by multiple specialists and therefore represent a collaboration of multiple medical opinions. We have focused heavily on imaging, especially ultrasound of the abdomen and thorax, including heart disease. Once again, specialization has advanced the level of medicine, but specialized practices have fragmented the care for the overall picture, or the patient. A general practice that has the desire and ability to collaborate and execute both medicine and surgery has a distinct ability to care for the entire patient, your pet.

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