About Us



    Character is the most integral component of leadership.  We have built the culture of Mission Pet Hospital with prioritizing characteristics:


  •    honesty

  •    genuine empathy

  •    desire to grow in the pursuit of excellence


     The second component of leadership is all about clear and consistent communication.

Involved, Coordinated Medicine

We give you the best of both worlds: we diagnose and treat specific problems, but we're not limited

to a single discipline.

We synthesize the expertise of both our doctors and outside specialists into an actionable solution for your pet.

A group of employees, standing around a treatment table, talking


At MPH, we pride ourselves on camaraderie and we believe in

the power of positivity. We see

important qualities of leaders in everyone we employ.

Counterintuitively, those qualities might shine the most in the tougher moments we experience as a practice.

A Note From

Dr. Curtis Press

Throughout my career, my priority has been to practice medicine in a way that pushes the boundaries of veterinary knowledge. For a general practitioner, the easy approach is to

refer deeper problems to specialists.


Instead, I specialize in a variety of areas, uniquely equipping Mission Pet to treat an expanded number of patients.


I do this because I believe that your pet's

health improves when we coordinate

everything under one roof.