A Note From Dr. Curtis Press
Curtis Press, DVM

Throughout my career, my priority has been to practice medicine in a way that pushes the boundaries of veterinary knowledge. For a general practitioner, the easy approach is to refer deeper problems to specialists. Instead, I specialize in a variety of areas, uniquely equipping Mission Pet to treat an expanded number of patients. I do this because I believe that your pet's health improves when we coordinate everything under one roof.


Many pets face issues spanning a range of specialties, all of which affect one another. Our coordinated approach means that we understand how all of the issues within one patient interact. It has taken many years to build this level of excellence, and I am extremely proud of our ability to coordinate medicine at Mission Pet.

We also owe much of our success to the superior quality of our RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) support staff. An astounding 13 RVTs call Mission Pet home -- an extraordinarily high number for a 7-doctor practice.

Highly competitive and often financially strenuous, attaining the RVT certification signifies a high level of commitment to formal education and training, which translates to the unparalleled diagnostic and therapeutic care Mission Pet proudly provides for our community.


As pioneers of our special approach, we're extremely proud of the standards to which we hold ourselves, because we know that means better health for your pets.